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Our Services for Manufacturers

Expand your Market

Expand your Market, Increase your Profits and Save Time & Money! We help you do all three - Quickly, Conveniently & Cost-Effectively.

Expand your market and increase your profits: We find talented manufacturer sales representatives who engage with the market in their regions. These people can bring your business to the next level.

Save time: We pre-qualify the independent manufacturer sales representatives to meet the requirements that you choose then send you the perfect matches.

Save Money: Stop spending so much money on advertisements and trade show booths to find manufacturer sales reps and distributors. We find them for you. Also, the independent sales reps working on commission, so, you do not need to pay salaries every month.

Our Free Services for Manufacturer Sales Reps

If you are a manufacturer sales rep in any of the markets, we have manufacturers looking for you! This is the BEST way to build your business!

We make it FAST, SIMPLE, and EASY to find opportunities for you! We will work hard to exceed your expectations!

Finding quality new lines is an on-going process. Sales reps that have the best lines are always trolling for new sales opportunities and are first to find them.

Create your profile, post your Experience and continually engage with Visubiz, to be haunted for FREE by the most profitable lines. There are service providers, distributors, and manufacturers who are looking for independent manufacturer sales reps based on commission in all territories and industries

If you are a manufacturer

Customer testimonial:

"Visubiz has changed my life! One day I checked my inbox in Visubiz and they suggested a manufacturer to me who was in my industry and produced the products which I was exactly looking for in Vancouver. I took the opportunity and contact the manufacturer. After some phone calls and flights, I am officially their representative in Ontario. I check every day my Visubiz inbox and looking for opportunities for some other complementary products to add them up to my company portfolio."

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