Connecting talented manufacturers' representatives to the top manufacturers
Manufacturer service plan

Visubiz gets your product/service in front of the sales reps, these people can bring your business to the next level. With our Basic Plan you can join the community and create free profile to evaluate Visubiz Platform . With our Pro Plan or Club Plan, you can get more exposure, control and reach among the sales reps network.

See potential rep matches without their names and contacts
Receive notifications when a new sales rep in your industry enter to the system
one time 1-1 support and consult for maximizing your exposure to the reps up to 30 minutes.
Create multiple business profiles

$99 /Month
Everything in Basic Plan
Credit of contact 5 new reps per month, directly
Your products/services will be promoted to the sales reps in your industry
1-1 support and consult for maximizing your exposure to the reps up to one hour per month.
Browsing and searching among the sales reps in your industry
Sales reps can visit your profile and send you requests which you will be notified.

$299 /Month
Everything in Pro Plan
Credit of contact 30 new reps per month, directly
Add video to your profile
1-1 support and consult for maximizing your exposure to the reps up to 6 hours per month.

How does it work for me, as a manufacturer? Once you create your profile with our Pro or Club plan, we promote your company and your products to the sales representatives in your industry. These salespeople will visit your company's profile which you will be notified. If they were interested in selling your products they will contact you to start the negotiation. Also, you can search and browse among the sales representatives who are in your industry, in any regions in VisuBiz. You can visit their profiles and contact them directly too.

Do representatives pay VisuBiz to be listed on the platform? No. We don’t charge reps to access the platform. Reps can join or be invited to VisuBiz, and we are extremely selective. Once they accepted, they can enjoy VisuBiz for free. Our primary goal is to make it easy for the best reps to join. Reps have the industry access, business insights, and sales experience that can transform an unknown brand into a household name, and we won’t charge them for providing our users with that value.

Are your services locally or internationally? Our services are both locally and internationally and there are sales representatives and manufacturers from North America, European countries and Middle-East in

How do you make sure only high-quality reps are listed on VisuBiz? There are two key elements that maintain the quality of our representative's user base. First, before we invite or accept any rep user to join our platform, we review their resume (or LinkedIn profile), website and any publicly available information about their job history and expertise on the web; we also interview with the vast majority of reps before they are accepted. Second, and most important, we rely on our users’ feedback after rep engagements to make sure our representatives are providing quality insights and sales support for VisuBiz users.

What are new reps credits? New reps credits enable you to send outreach messages to reps, so you can see if they're interested in your product. You receive a specific number of new reps credits per month based on your subscription plan. New reps credits are only used for sending outreach messages to reps who have not previously messaged you.

What if I do not use some of my new reps credit numbers in a month? Don’t worry! For any reason that you did not use all or some of your new reps credits in a month. We will store for you and add them up to your next month new reps credit.

What if I use a new rep credit and the rep doesn’t reply to me? We know it can be discouraging to not hear back from a rep, but often this is simply because the rep has limited capacity (even if your product is fantastic). If you don’t receive a response within 14 days of sending an outreach message, the new rep credit will be returned to your account and valid for an additional 30 days.

Is VisuBiz a recruitment company? No, we are not a recruitment company. We introduce and connect the manufacturers to the sales representatives.

How can I cancel my plan? You can downgrade your plan to the Basic (free) plan from your account settings page. Once you downgrade your plan, it will be active for the remainder of your current subscription period. For example, if you signed up for a monthly plan on October 1 and you canceled on October 15, your subscription would still be active until November 1.