Why Visubiz? By Stella Amina

We help small and medium businesses and manufacturers to find reliable suppliers and distributors for their products/services around the world with less time, money and risks.

How can Visubiz help you?
1. Without Visubiz, you have to spend time and search yourself or hire staffs to find reliable suppliers/distributors but with Visubiz business match engines, we can connect them with you. This will help you significantly to release resources and save time & money.

2. Other giant social networking platforms are so competitive and it is difficult for small and medium businesses to grow among large-sized and mature companies. On contrary, Visubiz is a community just for small and medium businesses which give them the opportunity to grow in a less competitive environment.

3. There are more diversities in Visubiz members. We have manufacturers, b2b sellers and buyers of products/services from around the world in the variety of industries. Visubiz gives you the opportunity to explore new markets for your products/services and even better for you, new opportunities will come to you by themselves.

4. On other social networking platforms, you cannot know that the users are just suppliers/distributors or manufacturers but in Visubiz, it is easy to verify to what kind of business you are going to be connected.

5. Our agents assess every Visubiz member's profile and the members who are actively looking to buy and sell products/services will get the final approval to join the network.

6. Compare to the directory's websites, Visubiz is social. You can send messages and make your own groups and share your posts with others and expand your networks and connections with like-minded people.