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How the retail and e-commerce businesses can access the reliable source of inventories to make their businesses more profitable?

By Stella Amina - March 2018

For starting an e-commerce or physical retail business, a savvy entrepreneur will use drop-shipping to identify products that sell well, and then need reliable source of inventory to buy them in light bulk quantities to further reduce the cost of the product and help to increase the profit margins.

If you are new to retail business you should first decide what to sell. Market research is a critical part of product sourcing. The product sourcing method which has the least expensive start-up entry point is drop shipping. This is a practical, low-cost product sourcing method which is a very effective way to understand your market niche and test your products.

The next steps to grow your business start once you identified that a certain product has been a good seller. By purchasing a large number of those hot-selling products from wholesalers or small manufacturers, you can reduce the unit cost to a level that makes the investment worthwhile.

The light bulk wholesale buying is a good intermediate-cost entry point into the world of bulk wholesale buying. Some small manufacturers of lesser-known products have a hard time getting wholesalers to distribute their products. So, they may prefer to sell directly to retailers which is a good opportunity for you as a retailer!

Finally, product sourcing is not just something you do once and forget about. It is an ongoing process that continues throughout the life of your retail business. You must take the time to learn what you are doing in this critical process if you truly want to succeed. is a legitimate internet resource for retailers to be connected with the small manufacturers and wholesalers for free.